Protect Your Website Against High-Risk Incoming Traffic From All Devices

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What You Can Expect From Us

Continually Verify

We will continually verify the effectiveness of your website so that you know with confidence that nothing could have prevented any impression from being effective.

Optimize for Best Results

Utilizing cutting-edge SEO techniques you can expect us to increase your web traffic so that you consistently get the results you are seeking.

Provide Usable Analytics

See the impact on consumer actions and how to increase itYou will see the data analysis for yourself. We will help you understand how to use that information to improve results.

Across all screens

Status of Fraudulent Ad Activity Q1 2019


The percentage of fraudulent display impressions

Range: 6.8% - 15.5%


The percentage of fraudulent video impressions is

Range: 2.2% - 35.8%

How It Works

Monitor to Collect Data

We steadfastly track every single click-through on your ads and the resulting actions. The information and data we collect is used to gain an understanding of how your audience is reacting to your ads.

Detect Fraudsters

We use the most advanced algorithms to determine which potential customers are actually people and which ones are fraudsters and/or bots.

Block Fraudsters

Once we detect a fraudulent click on one of your ads, we will block that ad from the fraudster so they will not see your ad ever again from that point on.

Unfortunately, fraud has infected the entire online advertising environment. Advertisers are spending a lot of money to get their message out to consumers. Experts estimate that 35% of all online ad traffic is fraudulent. Imagine how incredible your performance could be once we are able to remove all that fraudulent ad traffic.

UETX is a free ad fraud detection tool. UETX detects click and traffic fraud in all its forms - in display, video, mobile and CTV advertising. People making real clicks that get you real results. Sharing your hard-earned profits will soon be a thing of the past!

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