We Provide Programmatic (RTB) Solutions

We can perform pre-bid blocking as well as post-bid reporting for all the ads in your entire inventory. What we do works for desktop, mobile, video, display as well as in-app ads.

IP Addresses Blocked

We block fraudulent traffic at the pre-bid impression point. This includes all known fraudsters, sources of fraud, which include bots, data centers, malware, click farms, compromised devices as well as devices that have been high jacked.

How We Implement The Protection

We take a single universal pixel and populate it with certain variables that are then placed within the creative content or ad tag.

This universal pixel reaches the end user and from there goes about collecting their behavioral and digital data.

We analyze the traffic and the results become available to you via API and on the UETX dashboard.

The resulting data is then integrated right into your environment.

Status of Fraudulent Ad Activity Q2 2018


The percentage of ads that can’t be viewed


The percentage of ads appearing alongside risky content

Unfortunately, fraud has infected the entire online advertising environment. Advertisers are spending a lot of money to get their message out to consumers. Experts estimate that 35% of all online ad traffic is fraudulent. Imagine how incredible your performance could be once we are able to remove all that fraudulent ad traffic.

UETX will detect and combat fraud in all its forms so that all that remains are real users, people making real clicks that get you real results. Sharing your hard-earned profits will soon be a thing of the past!

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